Live Tracking


All company vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking and monitoring hardware allowing various aspects of the vehicles to be monitored.

We consistently check and review vehicle locations, miles per gallon and our CO2 emissions.

EXPLORER 7 will show us the location of our vehicles baTracker 2sed on time, distance, change of direction or a combination of all three. The system automatically updates information from vehicles which means we will always have the most recent information. This helps us ensure that we send the right vehicle to the right location at the right time!.We can see where our people are from a view of the whole country to street level and everything in between.

EXPLORER 7 has the capability to run historic trails of vehicle movements, it’s very easy to see when and where a vehicle has stopped & started, what routes it has taken, speeding offences, bad driving behaviour and other factors that can affect the economic running of our fleet.

EXPLORER 7 has a complete suite of easy to compile and even easier to read reports. These range from a simple Journeys report that shows from and to journeys together with times and distances to more complex driver behaviour and journey costs and carbon reports.